2011 Stars

"We don't just teach young MODELS... We train future LEADERS!"

TAKA, a Filipino-Japanese boy, may have been the only thorn
among the roses but this certainly did not make him shy away
from the spotlight. This charming cutie definitely has what
it takes to be a cool Radio DJ and TV Host.

LEAH is indeed one sassy spitfire. She may be the
youngest in the group but this 9 year old little lady can
hold her own on stage as a model and emcee.
JEN was definitely the most bashful in the batch but she certainly
transformed every time we had photo shoots. The camera loves
her! Through the workshop she learned how to make her poses
look more natural and fashion-editorial ready!
ALMIRA had always felt awkward being an early-bloomer
in the physical department. But the workshop taught her
that height is might! She's not just tall now but walking tall.
JANNA, the quiet book lover, now also loves posing
for the camera! Her new confidence even pushed her
to run as Class President in their school! Good job!
CHLOE has the makings of an awesome News Reporter!
The girl who used to be shy surprisingly has a knack
for doing smart & spontaneous interviews. 
SAM is not only beauty queen material; she also is a
promising emcee! This stunner pulled all the stops when she
opened their culminating night with her perky quips.
NIKKA is your typical boyish gal who prefers to rough
it up in sports. But lo and behold! She's learned to glam up
and turned out to be one of the best on-cam hosts in the batch.
BUNNY is a ballerina. Unfortunately, the confidence she exudes
when she's dancing seems to pirouette away when she's speaking.
The workshop definitely kept her on her toes and now she can
host on stage as if she were doing an arabesque!
HANNAH , another ballerina, doesn't have any trouble being
poised and pretty. However, when it's all time to perk it up on cam,
the challenge begins. This diligent young lady really put to heart
all she has learned about public speaking. And the efforts paid off
when she displayed grace under pressure during their culmination night.
GUILE cried on her first day at the workshop but she ended up
having the biggest smile on the last day as the crowd
cheered her glamorous runway walk during the fashion show. 
ANGELIKA was hesitant to join the class because she  was
the oldest at the age of 15. But age truly did not matter when she
hammed it up on cam and on stage with the rest of the girls.
ABBY is already confident. In fact, she was overconfident and
that was the problem. Through the workshop, she learned how
to channel her energies into the right direction for her talents
to be more effective on stage and on cam.

YOSHIKO is the typical shirt and jeans kind of gal. And true to
our principle of empowering teens, we encouraged her keep
her jeans-girl personality but we also inspired her to glam up
her act a little bit more with a touch of rock chick femininity.

Wardrobe by RL Fashion and Lifestyle
Styling by Jill Palarca
Photography by Mayen Lozada

"We don't just teach young MODELS... We train future LEADERS!"

SPOTLIGHT WORKSHOP is a Summer Program in Davao designed to help young girls and boys (aged 8 to 21) to overcome their stage fright and to become leaders and vibrant personalities. The Program's curriculum is centered on Public Speaking (Emceeing, TV Hosting, Radio DJ-ing) and Print/Ramp Modelling. CALL 0922-8384981 to register in the upcoming sessions. 

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