Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spotlight Personality Empowerment Workshop's ACTS-L Program for Teens

The ACTS-L Program is an accelerated program of the Spotlight Personality Empowerment Workshop. It’s all about how you:
·         ACCEPT yourself
·         CARRY yourself
·         THINK wise
·         SPEAK well
·         LOVE life

Summer 2015 Program Schedule:

·         Day 1 – Module: SELF
·         Date: Apr 14 (Tue)
·         Venue: FIDA classroom
·         Lessons:
o   Introduction
o   Identity vs Image
o   Level up from Labels
o   Defining your Personality
o   Goal: Build your Personal Brand

·         Day 2 – Module: SOCIALIZE
·         Date: Apr 16 (Thu)
·         Venue: FIDA classroom
·         Lessons:
o   Bullies vs Bessies
o   To be Soshal vs Being Social
o   FV (Filipino Values) >  FB
o   IQ (Intelligence Quotient) > IG
o   Social Media
§  LIKE: Mind your Manners
§  FOLLOW: Be Inspired
§  SHARE: Think before you Click
§  POST: Build your Brand
o Finding a new BFF

·         Day 3 – Module: SKIN
·         Date: Apr 21 (Tue)
·         Venue: FIDA classroom
·         Lessons/Activities:
o   #NoFilter: Skin Care lessons
o   Accentuate not Exaggerate: The Purpose of Make-up
o   Hands on Make-up lessons (Makeover activity)
o   Hands on Hairstyling lessons (Makeover activity)
o   How to Smile for Headshots (Pictorial activity)

·         Day 4 – Module: STYLE
·         Date: Apr 23 (Thu)
·         Venue: FIDA classroom
·         Lessons/Activities:
o   Fashion 101
§  Clothing as Packaging
§  Fashion Dictionary
§  Wardrobe Essentials
§  Trends & Trendsetters
o   Fashion is a Science: Understanding Shape, Size, Colors
§  Color wheel
§  Body Shapes
o   Defining your Fashion Personality
o   Hands on Mix and Match Dress up Activity
o   Watch the Fashion Grad Show of FIDA (Apr 24)

·         Day 5 – Module: STANCE
·         Date: Apr 28 (Tue)
·         Venue: FIDA classroom
·         Lessons/Activities:
o   Power Stance
§  Posture
§  Poise
o   Print Modelling
§  Poses
§  Portraiture
§  Persona

·         Day 6 – Module: STRUT
·         Date: Apr 30 (Thu)
·         Venue: FIDA classroom
·         Lessons/Activities:
o   Rhythm
o   Runway Modelling
§  Stride
§  Sashay
§  Signature Walk
o   Ramp Modelling
§  Stage Geography
§  Visual Focus: Audience, Camera, Horizon

·         Day 7 – Module: SPEAK
·         Date: May 5 (Tue)
·         Venue: FIDA classroom
·         Lessons/Activities:
o   Introduction:
§  Elements of Communication
·         Communication Models
·         Truth in Communication: The Mehrabian Model
§  Public Speaking
·         Fear Factor to X-Factor
·         From Frail to Flair
·         8 Ps of Public Speaking
o   Activities:
§  Physical Requirements of Speaking
·         Voice
·         Face
·         Body
§  Reading from Prompter
§  Reading from Cue Cards
§  Delivering Monologues

·         Day 8 – Module: SCREEN Part 1
·         Date: May 7 (Thu)
·         Venue: FIDA classroom
·         Lessons/Activities:
o   Being on Camera
§  Love the Lens
§  Look for the Light
§  Lines, Lines, Lines
o   Being in Character
§  Working with a Co-Star
§  Working with Green Screen

·         Day 9 – Module: SCREEN Part 2
·         Date: May 9 (Sat)
·         Venue: TO BE ANNOUNCED (outside FIDA)
·         Activity: MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT (whole day/early call time)

·         Day 10 – Module: STAGE Part 1
·         Date: May 12 (Tue)
·         Venue: FIDA classroom
·         Lessons/Activities:
o   Spiels Delivery
o   Stage Dynamics
o   Production
§  Anticipate extra days for dance rehearsals

·         Day 11 – Module: SOUL Part 1
·         Date: May 14 (Thu)
·         Venue: FIDA classroom
·         Lessons/Activities:
o   From Selfie to Selfless
§  compassion and care for the community
§  adopting an advocacy
o   DivaWenya in the Making
§  Vision Boarding
§  Goal Setting
§  Commitment Statement

·         Day 12 – Module: SOUL Part 2
·         Date: May 16 (Saturday)
·         Venue: TBC – social welfare institution
·         Activity:
o   Feeding Program
o   Outreach Program

·         Day 13 – Module: Speak Part 2
·         Date: May 18 (Monday)
·         Venue: The Edge radio station
·         Activity:
o   Radio DJ spiels
o   Promote Recital

·         RECITAL
·         Date: TBC (anytime from May 19 – 23)
·         Venue: TBC
·         Activities:
o   Fashion and Talent Showcase
o   Presentation of Advocacy
o   AM: hair/make-up preparation
o   PM: event

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Accelerate your Confidence at the Spotlight Personality Empowerment Workshop!

We're leveling up this summer with a brand-new module for the Personality Empowerment workshop. For our 5th year, we're stepping up with a 5-module program called ACTS-L (prounounced as axel). 

The Program Director Jill Palarca introduced this new program at the Sunsilk DreamStarter Fair held at the Abreeza Mall last October 2014, where she was invited to be one the speakers and mentors during the event.

For Teacher Jill, empowerment can be done through the ACTS-L principle. It's all about how you

  • ACCEPT yourself
  • CARRY yourself
  • THINK about things
  • SPEAK to people
  • LOVE Life

For each principle, Teacher Jill has prepared exercises and activities to bring out the best in each workshop participant:
  • Module 1: ACCEPT 
    • self-awareness 
    • social media responsibility
    • anti-bullying tips
    • socialization/team building exercises
  • Module 2: CARRY 
    • basic make-up lessons 
    • fashion styling
    • print modelling
    • ramp modelling
  • Module 3: THINK
    • creative writing 
    • campus leadership activities
  • Module 4: SPEAK 
    • public speaking
    • emceeeing
    • radio DJ-ing, acting
  • Module 5: LOVE LIFE 
    • compassion and faith 
    • goal-setting

As someone who has gone through bullying and life tragedies when she was young,  Teacher Jill knows how important it is for teenagers to have positive role models to get through this tough phase called adolescence.

During the workshop, participants will experience fun activities like beauty and fashion makeovers, fashion pictorials, and music video shoots. The workshop will culminate in a fashion runway show.

The program director, Jill Palarca is a director, writer, and producer, independent filmmaker, Communication Arts professor, events manager, and marketing consultant. She has directed MTV VJs such as KC Montero, KC Concepcion, Belinda Panelo, Sarah Meier, Patty Laurel, Cindy Kurleto, Andi Manzano, Marc Abaya, and more. She is also an award-winning screenplay writer at the Mindanao Film Festival.

The Spotlight Personality Empowerment Workshop started in 2011 and has produced teen beauty queens, models, and campus leaders since then.

For the summer 2015 TEENS Program, the venue is at the Fashion Institute of Design and Arts (FIDA), Valencia compound, Jacinto Extension street, Davao City. To enroll, look for Miss Zyra Carpentero.

The TEENS Program accepts participants aged 11 and above. 
Click HERE for the 2015 program outline. LIMITED SLOTS ONLY
Program schedule is on April 14 to May 14, TTh, 1-6pm.
Workshop fee is 8,000 which covers all professional and recital fees. Payment may be made in installment within the workshop period.

A KIDS PROGRAM for ages 5--10 years old is also available and venue will be in ZOOFARI. 
For more inquiries call 0922-8384981.