Monday, March 12, 2012

Be in the SPOTLIGHT this Summer!

In this day and age when media is constantly bombarding unrealistic paradigms for beauty, it is important that kids and teens are taught that being beautiful is more than just skin deep.

In partnership with SouthSpot cable channel, the SPOTLIGHT PERSONALITY EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP aims to help young people build their confidence by encouraging them to embrace their body shapes and sizes, by opening their hearts and minds to the world around them, by coaching them how to speak well and think creatively, and by nurturing their talents to bring out the finest traits of their “real” personalities. It’s all about polishing diamonds in the rough!

Founded by former MTV Producer/Director, Jill Palarca, the workshop is a 4-Week intensive course on TV Hosting, Emceeing for Live Events, Radio DJ-ing, Basic Acting, Dressing up according to their personality, shape, and size, Skin and Body Care, Basic Hair & Make-up Styling, and Print/Ramp Modelling.

Open to all girls and boys aged 8-19, the workshop will be conducted at the SouthSpot studios. Each session is 4 hours long that is comprised of hands-on activities, lectures, and demos. There will be 2 classes per day to accommodate the different age groups. Batch 1 classes will start on April 10, 2012.

Tuition fee is Php 7,000 for 20 days which is inclusive of snacks, materials, handouts, and copies of all their recordings and photographs.  Students will receive a printed portfolio of their fashion photo shoots. They will perform on stage for a fashion and talent showcase. They will also act in a music video, and star in their own TV show to be produced by SouthSpot. There’s definitely no other workshop in town that offers the same experience and value for money.

Enrolment for the SPOTLIGHT Personality Empowerment Workshop Year 2 is now going on. Register at SouthSpot Studios, 59-B Aala Bldg., F. Iñigo St., (formerly Anda), Davao City. Look for Lucille Saniel. Or call/text 0922-8384981 for details. This workshop is supported by NCCC Mall, The Edge Radio, Mary Kay Philippines, STYLE Oven, BENCH Daily Spell, Le Souq and Popshionista.

FREE Php1,000 worth Gift Certificates from MARY KAY will be given to Early Bird Registrants! (Promo until April 4, 2012)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Check out our Summer 2012 Poster

Enrollment now going on! Look for Lucille Saniel @ SouthSpot Studios or call 0922-8384981

FREE Php1,000 worth Gift Certificates from MARY KAY will be given to Early Bird Registrants! (Promo until March 30, 2012)

Friday, March 2, 2012

They can Host and Pose!

As a culminating activity of the SPOTLIGHT Personality Empowerment Workshop 2011, the students displayed their talents in event hosting and ramp modelling last May 2011 @ the SM City Davao Event Center.

Enrollment for SUMMER 2012 classes will start on March 10, 2012
Register at SouthSpot Studios or call 0922-8384981

The Spotlight Personality Empowerment Workshop 2012 will be held at the SouthSpot Studio
Address: 59-B, Aala Bldg. F. Iñigo St., (Anda ST.) Davao City
(in front of Cecil's Snack Inn)

Please contact 0922-8384981.
You may also email your questions to

The SPOTLIGHT Empowerment Workshop 2011 was supported by:
SouthSpot Entertainment Network
The Edge Radio
RL Fashion and Lifestyle
Royeca School of Ballet
Photography by Mayen Lozada