Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spotlight Workshops 2016 For Tweens/Teens and Kids NOW OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT!

Have a Fashion Makeover, Star in a Music Video, Host a TV Show on Cable TV, Walk the Fashion Runway and most of all BE TRAINED AS A LEADER who's confidently beautiful with a heart!

The Spotlight Personality Empowerment Workshop is Davao's ONLY comprehensive workshop that combines the elements of leadership training and personality development. Now on its 6th Year!

Light up the STAR in your child! The Spotlight STARter Workshop is a 4-in-1 program for kids ages 6--10 y.o. which includes Acting, Modelling, Dancing, and Public Speaking. It's the junior version of our signature program Spotlight Personality Empowerment Workshop. It's a great beginner's course for kids who are starting to show potential and also good for kids who need a little boost in their confidence.

Personality Empowerment Program
STARter Program
KIDS (9am—12pm TTh)
April 12
Orientation with Parents (30—45 min)
SELF: Personality Self-Assessment
Orientation with Parents (30 min)
Self—Expression Arts
April 14
SOCIAL: Leadership and Socialization
Dancing, Acting, Modeling, Public Speaking (DAMPS Lesson 1)
April 19
SKIN & SMILE: Beauty and Makeup
DAMPS Lesson 2
April 21
STYLE: Fashion Styling
DAMPS Lesson 3
April 26
STANCE: Posture and Poise
DAMPS Lesson 4
April 28
STRUT: Ramp modelling
DAMPS Lesson 5
May 2
SHOOT 1: Fashion Makeover

May 3
SPEAK: Public Speaking 1
(Speech Dynamics through Acting)
DAMPS Lesson 6
May 4
SHOOT 2: Music Video

May 5
SCREEN: Public Speaking 2
(TV Hosting on Green Screen)
DAMPS Lesson 7
May 10
SWAY: Dance – Body Dynamics

DAMPS Lesson 8
May 11
SOUL: Community Outreach

May 12
May 14 or 15

Call 0922-8384981 for more information!

How to Enroll in the Personality Empowerment and 4-in-1 programs:
  1. Fill out a registration form at the reception of North Zen Basic Spaces Hotel Lapu-Lapu corner Sobrecarey Sts, Davao City. 
  2. Text 0922-8384981 to get the bank details.
  3. Deposit amount to bank account of the Program Director. 
  4. Scan or take a photo of the deposit slip and email to 
  5. Wait for a confirmation email with details on the orientation day.
We also have 3 other workshops in ZOOFARI. For more info click HERE

  1. Musical Theater (MWF, 9am--12pm)
  2. Modern Dance (TTh, 1--4pm)
  3. Arts & Crafts (MWF, 1--4pm)

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Check out last year's activities for KIDS program 

Learn more about the Program Director

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Life Coaching Program for Teens and Tweens

Once a bullied kid and teen herself and a child from a broken home, Program Director Jill Palarca went through a tough adolescence. Because of her insecurities, she let go of opportunities that would have developed her full potential. Through a long battle with herself and learning through her experiences, she managed to get through -- graduated Cum Laude from UP Diliman, became a Youth Ambassador for the Philippines and travelled to Japan and ASEAN countries, and went on to have a successful career as writer/director/producer for TV/Media and Advertising/Events, and now in Education as a motivational speaker, trainer, and college professor.

But when asked if she wanted to change one thing in the past, she said "I wished I had a real mentor back then. My parents were separated so I was mostly confused on what to do -- what steps to take to achieve my dreams. I was lucky to have good teachers but they weren't really there as regularly as I preferred. I managed to survive the perils of youth but I didn't come out unscathed. Looking back, I would have benefited from a LIFE COACH."

Childhood, especially during the fraught tween and teen years, is a time of dramatic change and growth when kids juggle conflicting messages and feelings while trying to connect to one another — and themselves — emotionally, creatively and socially.

While today’s kids are more scheduled and pressured than ever, they are also coming of age in a world where setting aside time to teach and foster healthy human connections, creativity and self-knowledge is low on the priority list at many schools. School counselors often work part-time or way too many hours, so their talents are spread thinner than they would like or their students deserve. Similarly, our children’s teachers work their hearts out and are responsive and caring, but they also have academic standards to meet and sometimes more than 35 kids in a class.

This need urged Jill Palarca to start the SPOTLIGHT PERSONALITY EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP in Davao City, where she is based right now. More than just a summer workshop on modelling and public speaking, it's a Leadership Training Program designed with activities that will help discover what motivates your teen, both academically and in life through building strong relationships, accountability, self-reflection, improved self-esteem, focus, parental and coach/teacher collaboration and much more.

This is already the 7th year of the Spotlight Personality Empowerment Program and since 2011 it has produced achievers in the realm of academics, arts, sports, and even beauty pageants and modelling. Some of them have also become Junior Mentors for the succeeding batches.

The program's activities are so unique and fun that a handful of students have enrolled twice. Through the years, Ma'am Jill, as she is fondly called, has been in close communication with her Spotlight Alumna. Even after the program, she checks on them and maintains a healthy relationship as counselor to these teens.

Help your child develop her potential. Enroll now. Call 0922-8384981.

Below are some of the testimonies of the former Spotlighters:

Spotlight Workshops for Kids in Zoofari (Summer 2016)

For the 3rd time, Spotlight Workshops is partnering with Zoofari Kids Adventure to bring you 3 kiddie summer programs. Call 0922-8384981 for more information or go directly to Zoofari Kids Adevnture, Bacaca Road, Davao City to register.

Musical Theater for Kids
Learn how to perform the songs in Broadway Musicales like Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Lion King, and more. 
  • Open to kids age 5 above
  • April 11 -- May 14 (10 sessions + recital)
  • MWF 9am--12 AM
  • Fee: 5,000
  • Includes snacks, t-shirt, free play at Zoofari (costumes for recital not included)
  • Recital output: Musical Play and Fashion Show

Modern Dance for Kids
  • Open to kids age 4 above
  • April 12 -- May 14 (10 sessions + recital)
  • TTh 1--4 PM
  • Fee: 5,000
  • Includes snacks, t-shirt, free play at Zoofari (costumes for recital not included)
  • Recital output: Dance production and Fashion Show

Arts and Crafts for Kids
  • Open to kids age 5 above
  • MWF 1--4 PM
  • April 11 -- May 13 (10 sessions)
  • Fee: 5,000
  • Includes snacks, t-shirt, free play at Zoofari, and materials
  • Lessons:
    • Paper Series
      • The Art of Origami (paper animals)
      • Fleurs en Papier (Paper Flowers)
    • Plastic Series:
      • How to make Animals from Plastic Bottles
      • How to make Bugs from Bottle Caps
    • Paint Series:
      • Fun with Paint (3 days)
    • Putty Series:
      • Make your own No-Bake Playdough
      • Create with Crayons
    • Paste Series:
      • Decoupage

Spotlight Workshops is also offering a 4-in-1 Program called STARter Workshop for Kids age 6 and above which includes Dancing, Acting, Modelling, and Public Speaking. 
Click HERE for more information